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We welcome inquiries and orders from retailers small or large interested in El Totumo brand and the social aspect of its products.

We strive to create economic access and opportunity to worldwide commerce otherwise remote to reach for these groups of artisans. The artisans and the foundation we work with believe in creating opportunities through skills and enterprise development. Learning to earn a living is a major goal El Totumo wants its partners to achieve, making sure the materials and techniques used by traditions, culture and religious beliefs are passed on to secure a decent standard of living for future generations.

We offer FAIR wholesale prices and since the products are handmade, exact replicas are not possible. We are happy to undertake advance orders with a 50% deposit for specific items that may not currently be held in stock in our showroom in El Granada, California.

Become familiar with our product selection and let us know which product you are interested in carrying in your stores. Please note, hammocks require intense handwork and it takes 2 ladies up to 2 months to make. Kankuamo and Wayuu bags need a lead-time of 2 weeks.

Please bear in mind, the delivery time from Colombia and Africa can often take weeks rather than days so plan well in advance! It is worth the wait and your customers will appreciate your support of these communities in need.

Please register here as a reseller and send us your inquiry request.

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*El Totumo pays fair, equitable prices to the participant artisans. We do not offer factory mass production articles. You are investing in a product that takes hours and sometime days to make and carries cultural stories.


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